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December 13, 2012
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Ami-Senpai: Gorov by Adpt-Event-Manager Ami-Senpai: Gorov by Adpt-Event-Manager
Name: Gorov
Gender: Male
Owner: ~Ami-Senpai
Species: Hirsch Ookami
Marking Types: Custom
Mutations: Arctic

Parents: Krim + ???
Offspring: none

How to Adopt your Own
Past Conditions:
This HO wants an owner that will be doing something fun or festive during the winter holidays/the rest of December.

To try to win him, leave a comment with Claim, name, and a couple sentences/paragraphs about anything exciting that you will be doing this month.

His owner will be chosen after December 31st.
You must be a group member to participate! :snowflake:

Hirsch Ookami =evilitachi
Available exclusively at #RRAdoptables
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Neonsplash13 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Claim: Frostbite
This Winter, after exams, I spent all of my time with family, including decorating our Christmas trees and helping with all of our last minute shopping. My sister, dad and I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special as we always do at Christmas time. We are all still in the holiday spirit and I intend to have a new years party with some of my friends.
Jokers-Heartache Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Claim: Malichi
Well this month I thought it'd be nice to go to LA the city not the state lol and volunteer at a homeless shelter serving food I have been doing it all month even Xmas eve after I injured my knee I was serving the ppl it was fun. For Christmas I was supposed to go skiing for the first time can't until I get better now. My little sister and I made pop corn garland stuff grandmas cat ate most of it before Xmas it was sad but we had a blast devorating our home and the tree together we made a huge mess with the tinsel gma and mom freaked out! We made our hand prints out of clay and painted them to look like Santa. For new years I am going to a Rocky horror picture show themed party but I am not dressing like a character this year I usually do my friends and I started doing this our freshman year and it just became tradition.
Kaolai Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Claim: Bernitick

For Christmas I went over my cousin's house and played about everything electronic all day. xD For the rest of my winter break I'll be catching up on all my arts which will be fun since I just got a new tablet! As for the New Years, I'm going New Years bowling with my friend. :)
DaisyKittyArtist Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
My month will be filled with animations, fun with my friends and playing outside with hopes of snow. Im very active so i play outside, and enjoy running around with my friends. I just love drawing too. :3
Wolftale Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Claim: Spirit of Winter

Well now that finals are over I'm going to finish getting all the presents ready for friends and family mostly. I had a fantastic day yesterday hanging out with friends to exchange presents for a secret santa event and then went to another party that evening for a pot luck and games. I'm also finally having time to just curl up with my cat and read several books that I haven't had time to touch with all the stress from school. Tomorrow I plan to go to the Dickens Fair with a group of friends in costume which should be a great time :D Other than that I might be planning to go up to the mountains for some fun in the snow.
LadyKuraiArt Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Claim: Dien

so, my goal for this month is to finish a lot of work. I am in my last year in school and i have to do a lot of stuff for my graduation. I will read a lot and be super happy when I'm done :D

I will also go horse riding a lot with my friends. I have a little red hat for my horse <3
she looks so cute wearing it :D

Also a friend of mine has her birthday on december 31st, so we're gonna have a party and celebrate new year and her birthday at the same time ^^

And after that I'll go to germany for a week to visit another friend of mine :3
AliceTheHunted Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Claim Jack
AKA (Frost)

This month I am trying to do a lot of fun things, as this will be the last Christmas I will have with my family and the Country for a long time. See I just got my contract to move and work in China so I am doing a lot of things before I go.

First off I had my graduation already and the party, just happened a week ago so because it was in December I am counting it! Because both me and my brother graduated the same time we just threw one party and made it extra special. So we spent time with family and friends just hanging out! (I know not so fun for others, but I loved every minute of it)

Then I am going to one of my friends coming out fancy as hell party. We are to dress up so fancy, ball gowns and everything, then go some where not so fancy. (maybe the movies)
But the point is, before this we are going out thrifting to find some fancy dresses, mainly for me as I have none!

Next up, Baking!!!! I am spending 2 full days with my mom to bake presents for everyone! The smell of cinnamon rolls (home made ones baked from scratch) will cling to the kitchen for days after, I just know it.

Christmas is going to be more down key this year as it is my last one with the family so we are spending it together. Sadly my dad had to give up Christmas this year so he could come to our graduations, so we had a mini gift giving day and he already has his presents. Though on the up side, for bonding me and my brother are cooking dinner. . . ok that is a lie, he is cooking because he is way better then me and I am just helping so our mom can have a rest.

So yah I am having a lot of fun, mainly close to home and with friends, but it is still a ball and I have been more happy this month then I have been in a long time.
Ixlovexdogs Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Claim: Bucky

This month I will be going to see my awesome cousins who live a few hours away because I don't get to see them much, and we'll open our Christmas gifts and everything. We always go shopping, and have a great time together. The things they give me isn't the fun part of coming over to their house though. It's seeing them. That's always the funnest part of my visit, talking to them and being with my family. :heart:
Nalico Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Claim: Kelkugento

Well lets see if this counts :3 I had my graduation ball last night >w< where I danced with my sister, friends and family til midnight :3 I went to stay at a beach last week with 6 other friends (down in the southern hemisphere it's summer :D) we made sand castles, silhouette jumping photos on the beach and swam in the sea for a few days before coming back home :D. For the rest of December, my aunt will be here to celebrate Christmas with my family and some family friends. So yeah :3 that pretty much sums up my December xD
Ami-Senpai Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Claim: Gorov

Well I have just finished all my exams so I'm going to visit my family and friends in Montreal tomorrow! We are getting a tree (which the cat will be super excited about hahaha) I get to eat CAKE (it's very hard to get cake without milk so this only happens one or twice a year) and I get to see all my baby cousins. This is probably also the last time in a loooooong while I'll get to see one of my friends because he's in the army. All obvious holiday shenanigans will ensue including our yearly New Year bash featuring the wonderful fail of our charades tournament. :)
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